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How to create TBC Web Wallet: 2018 migration

On 13th May 2018, TBC (TheBillionCoin) announced the release of a new TBC web wallet that has to do with TBC web wallet migration from to 

As we all know, all SEND button in 2017 web wallet were turned off by the TBC admin, and only few trusted sellers SEND buttons (if at all) were recently turned on.
The tuned off SEND buttons of all Tbcians was due to another development in the TBC community in 2017, which was the TBC Fiat Currency Debit Card Exchange program, where all Tbcians are expected to make a onetime $10BTC annual subscription fee at their back office to be eligible for TBC User Tester and also receive free 100,000 Kringle cash, or 50,000 kringle cash, or the currently ongoing 25,000 kringle cash expiring soon.
Although, the new TBC web wallet 2018 version is open to anyone with an internet service for registration, the migration of 2017 TBC web wallet to the 2018 TBC web wallet version will only be available to paid members of TBC Fiat Exchange User Testers program together with their cookie reward (free kringle). However, the TBC admin as also hinted that;


“There is no rush to migrate now, the migration period is 90 days. If you have cookie rewards you wish to redeem before May 31st 2018, you should do so before migrating. If you redeem after migration to the new wallet, it may take some additional time for your rewards to post to your new wallet”.

Personally, I’ve paid my $10 annual subscription fee, and if you’re a kind of risk taker like me who also want to see the outcome of this poverty ending project, you can go ahead and make your $10 kringle cash payment upgrade. If you’re already a paid member too, then, you can either wait to claim your cookie reward before migrating to the 2018 TBC web wallet on, or head straight to following the step by step processes below:

1. Visit your and login with your credentials.

2. On the left sidebar of your back office, click on “Migration”.

3. The migration page comes with migration questionnaire, and that contains vital 
information you should know about TBC (thebillioncoin).

4. You are expected to answer the 10 questions correctly by ticking the right answer among the two provided answers to each question, click HERE for help..

5. The last question will direct you to the new TBC Web wallet ( registration page on a new browser window, and you are expected to register your a TBC web wallet migration account using the same email used for account and 2017 web wallet account. See image below.

As soon as you’ve registered your 2018 TBC web wallet account using the same and email address, you will immediately see your 2018 web wallet address (beginning with letter ‘N’), and you are expected to copy it beginner with letter N and the dashes into the empty box of the last questionnaire. See image bellow.

After pasted the new web wallet address on the last empty box, now, click on “submit”. This is to enable TBC admin match up your old TBC account with the new, which is the essence of the migration. You don’t need to worry about the new wallet account confirmation email; you won’t receive any email upon account registration.
For now, successful registration of the new TBC web wallet means that you are queued for migration, and you don’t expect to see any coins displaying on the new wallet. You should know that it will take some time to migrate your TBC coins and cookie reward successfully. 

Immediately your TBC account and coins are migrated to the new web wallet, your SEND button on (trusted sellers) will be turned off, and the new web wallet SEND button will be turned on with 24 hours, together with all your coins or claimed cookie rewards.
It worth noting that, the migration from to and the cookie rewards is only available to paid members of $10BTC fiat exchange user testers. And, according to the admin, once your SEND button is turned on, you will receive a PDF of the web wallet instruction and new SEND button terms to review.
While creating your new tbc web wallet, make sure you write down the password you register with because it is recoverable when you lose it, and that means losing access to your coins. You can only migrate ONCE, so if you are not ready now, do not submit the questionnaire form neither register account at

Finally, I’m a big fan and lover of a good thing - TBC specifically. I also love giving trial to every positive ideas and innovations that comes my way. TBC no doubt have created many millionaires and I have no regret ever joining TheBillionCoin community right from day one.

TBC is indeed a users and a protest coin which is not trying to be another side of code software of Bitcoin, but an Abundance based currency with a real solution against being completely enslaved by the elite. We are not market list, we are the grander solution.

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