Earn 399,999 VGS Tokens Free

Earn 399,999 VGS Tokens Free

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad to be a partaker of this mind blowing opportunity to grow and make money irrespective of age, tribe or race, through cryptocurrency airdrops, bounties and even hard-fork, outside investing in initial coin offerings.

VGS is otherwise known as (LasVegasCoin) or (VGAMES) and it luckily trading on at-least one exchange– https://coinexchange.io/market/VGS/BTC
Although, VGAMES (VGS) is distributing free and huge number of tokens, while exchange or even purchasing VGS, make sure you’re not purchasing a scam coin. The easiest way to tell is to read a crypto project whitepaper.
Being listed at exchange is not a criterion for telling if a crypto project is promising or will be profitable or not. There’s this experience of acquiring coins or tokens only to have them delisted from exchanges thereafter for failure to meet up or maintain requirements.


Instant 399,999.00 VGAMES (VGS) tokens.


VGS token is on smart contract with Ethereum and you can find the contract address and the history of all token distributed on Etherscan.io

  • VGAME (VGS) total token supply: 1,000,000,000,000 VGS
  • Holders: of 146255 address so far at the written of this article.

  • Transfar: 16351 so far.

1. Go to your Myetherwallet dashboard. (See how to create ERC20 compliance Myetherwallet address).
2. Click on “Add custom tokens”

3. Enter the following VGS token contract such as;

· Token contract address:

· Token symbol: VGS

· Decimal: 18

4. Click on “Save or add token”.

You will immediate receive 300,000 VGS token.

It has already been activated and that’s why token is displayed on your MEW dashboard. To receive more 99,999 VGS token, transfer at least 1 VGS to address; 


This is not necessarily compulsory for those who may not have at least $1 worth of ETH in there MEW back office.

You need to act fast because; there is a limit to the total amount of VGS tokens. Once the limit is reached, the distribution will stop automatically. Though, VGS token is not currently on CMC, at-least, it’s on CoinExchange for trading.

Developing crypto a project takes time following the roadmap, some prominent coins and tokens started the same way and today, there are skyrocketing in prices and dominating exchanges. 

Receiving free 399,999.00 VGS token to your ERC20 compliance wallet like Myetherwallet, Mist, Metamask etc won’t be a scratch on a throat.

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