How to mine Electroneum (ETN) on mobile phone

How to mine Electroneum on mobile phone
Electroneum (ETN) as the first Britain’s Cryptocurrency designed for mobile and game payment was launched in September 2017, and it’s currently on top 100 cryptocurrencies in the market that has also caught many attentions, considered over 1600 other altcoins already launched as a result of Bitcoin initial success.

Electroneum is an exciting ‘mobile based cryptocurrency’ with awesome goals and a roadmap for mass adoption, aiming to make it happen by making it extremely simple for smart phone users of 2.2 billion acquired Electroneum for mobile mining, online and offline wallet, store of value and easy transfer.
As an exciting new cryptocurrency that is built on blockchain technology, ETN is based around a mobile app, making it easy for you to mine to your wallet, send, receive and securely trade the cryptocurrency on your desktop or smart phone. Perhaps, creating ETN personal account will automatically create you ETN desktop/mobile wallet.

You'll be able to access your Electroneum account (wallet, coins, transaction history, etc) via the ETN mobile App (download on Google play store) using your Android (smart phone) phone with the same ETN account registration details, and even experience your first Electroneum mobile mining and ETN coins straight into your built- in ETN mobile wallet, provided they’ve reached the minimum withdrawal limit.


What does it mean to mine Electroneum?


Since Electroneum is a ‘mobile based cryptocurrency’ built using the blockchain technology that’s easy to used and possibly send, receive and securely trade digital coin with others, mining ETN becomes easy and their primary goal for 2.2 billion smart phone users, which is verifying and validating ETN blockchain transaction or discovering and solving ETN Blocks along blockchain.
Electroneum Blocks reward for miners (transaction fees) varies from both desktop and mobile app (smart phones) users depending on the mining device (phone) capacity, that as a result, also determined the allotted Hash Rate (the speed at which your device is mining) and the block reward (withdrawal limit) for ETN miners.
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In crypto mining specifically ETN mobile mining, the ETN app (when downloaded and logged in) will run on your phone and over the time will earn you actual Electroneum coins, and your ETN Block reward (mining pending balance) is automatically sent to your built-in ETN mobile wallet, provided you’ve reached the fixed withdrawal level.

Minimum mining Hash Rate is probably 30.60 approximately and the payout (ETN mined) is 10 ETN. The higher your benchmark device (smart phone capacity) the higher allotted Hash Rate. The higher allotted Hashrate the higher your payout (auto withdrawal limit).

The Truth about ETN Mining.


The truth about “how Electroneum mobile mining works” according to Miner’s info on ETN mobile app is that; 

“Your mobile phone doesn’t actually mine ETN like desktop mining would, instead we benchmark your device and allocate it with hashrate (H/S) that it would be able to achieve if it were actually mining. You will then be allocated the amount of ETN you would receive if you actually mined a block.”

Sound confused? Read on ….

“Mobile phone are not built to withstand or cope with complex calculations required to perform actual crypto mining, your phone would overheat very quickly and potentially damage hardware. So instead we give you a mining experience which has all the rewards of actual mining with none of the complexities of having to setup mining software, a mining rig, ventilation etc”.

The ETN mobile miner is simply an introduction to mobile mining experience, and the coins earned are nothing to do with the coins emitted by the blockchain as part of the reward. 

Considering the complexity of your phone doing the hard work of full mining, Electroneum mobile miner create a separate algorithm that rewards users with ETN cryptocurrency at no cost as strategic way to spread the word about how easy Electroneum is to use and to get involved with.

Electroneum Mobile Mining Processes.


The processes for mining Electroneum with mobile are pretty simple and easy;
1. Create Electroneum account so you can generate ETN wallet.

2. Download Electroneum mobile app to your device (from Google play store).

3. Log into the ETN app using your ETN account detail (email and password).

4. Click on the “Miner” tab as appeared on the left bottom of the app.

5. Click on “Start Mining” button and your mobile phone will start mining ETN.

Four Integrated suites in the ETN mobile app. 

How to mine Electroneum on mobile phone2

Miner – Where you can start or stop mining ETN, see HashRate (H/s), pending balance and current number of active miners.

Wallet – Include two tabs (SEND) where you can send out ETN coins to another ETN wallet, (RECEIVE) received ETN coins through your provided ETN wallet address, and possibly all your ETN transaction history right from day one.

Value – Include (STATS) for rank, trading volume circulation, market cap etc, (CALCULATOR) for calculating number of ETN worths in dollars, and (EXCHANGES) for all the list of exchanges ETN listed for trading.

More – More tab include (REFERRER’S PROGRAM) where your referral details such as total referrals and referral earning are shown, your email address, app version, term and condition etc.

Summarily, Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency where users can mine coins using mobile phone as a revolutionary mechanism used to introduce ETN into the system by allowing users to earn a handful of ETN coins through verifying and validating ETN transaction of other ETN coins on the blockchain. By this feature, Electroneum can quickly grow to become the largest used cryptocurrency in the world and thereby achieve the mass adoption aim.

Electroneum has developed a brand new disruptive technology which is user-friendly, beginners-oriented and possibly fun to mine ETN coins, transfer ETN coins between one another, check balances and also exchange the coins for other digital currencies.

Ready to start mining Electroneum (ETN) cryptocoins that doesn’t consume your phone internet subscription data, neither battery? Then, go ahead and create your ETN account if you haven’t, download the ETN mobile app to your smart phone, login with your ETN account credentials and start mining ETN coins right away. Please, don’t forget to also use my ETN referral’s code – 8BDB79 to unlock your ETN referral’s code.

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