Latest Alexa Traffic Rank Widget (Cracked Code)

Latest Alexa Traffic Rank Widget

The official Alexa traffic rank widget code was barred specifically in 2016, and that was a big blow on bloggers and webmasters using Alexa traffic rank widget on their websites for monitoring site traffic stats and backlinks.

Alexa traffic rank widget was a sort of proof to premium advertisers willing to go into paid advertising services like ads blasting, banner advertising, sponsored post etc, using Alexa traffic rank widget as targeted site traffic estimation and criteria for the paid services.
Best known to why the awesome site traffic ranking widget was barred, however, it was a great utility tool for both savvy bloggers and advertisers. Therefore, haven’t missed Alexa traffic and backlink checker widget as a result of turned down rule made by Alexa, I went all bent to get the barred Alexa traffic rank code cracked, and have it displayed live for publishers and content marketers by being able to automatically track traffic stats of any estimated and certified website by Alexa.
The code is fully tested and proven to work perfectly tracking your blog current Alexa traffic stat and backlinks by displaying the customized widget live when embedded into webpage. You can check within the footer of this blog to see the cracked code of Alexa traffic rank widget displaying my blog traffic stat.
Just like applicable to the official Alexa traffic rank widget, the fully cracked and configured code for displaying site Alexa traffic stat is of two options which includes;
  • Alexa traffic rank widget cracked code with backlinks 
  • Alexa traffic rank widget cracked code only.

Meanwhile, the cracked code for Alexa traffic rank widget can be customized into pixel seizes, which is also applicable to any content managing services on the net like Blogger, Wordpress etc. However, it’s nothing more or less than getting the secret code for Alexa traffic stat of any website fully displayed than embedding it in the site source code.

For the basis of Blogger users, the following process should be of guide;
1. Login to your Blogger dashboard
2. Click on “Layout”

3. In the site layout site you want the code to display, click on “Add Gadget”

4. Click on “HTML/Javascript” among the gadgets in the displayed Blogger Gadget Panel.

5. Paste the code below in the open empty displayed box.
<iframe name="" src="" style="height:100px;" scrolling="no" target="_blank" frameborder="0" width="70%"> </iframe>
6. Save.

7. Change my website name to yours.

The latest Alexa Traffic rank widget of a website is pretty simple and easy to edit, all you have to do is;
  • Set the code widget height seize by either increasing or decreasing using height:100px;
  • Set the code widget width seize by either increasing or decreasing using width="70%"

Finally, Alexa site traffic widget or code can only fully displays your site traffic stat if your site metric has been estimated and certified by Alexa, which is a great tool for helping you making better business decision, reaching targeted audience and reaching new business opportunities.

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