Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval?

Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval

The primary goal of  most bloggers, content marketers and webmasters is to make money online while letting their own voices heard, using their respective web platforms. However, the most trusted online income monetizing instrument for publishers remains the Google Adsense among other factors like affiliate marketing, sponsored post, advertising, donation etc.

In-spite everybody glaring for Google Adsense, there’s a lot of headache attached to being able to successfully get your Google Adsense account application approved, talk more of being able to successfully verify the Google Adsense account authenticity PIN.

My Brief Experienced with Google Adsense Account/PIN Approval/Verification

I own this blog you are reading right now I guess you know? And likely, there’s Google Adsense ads codes displaying premium advertiser’s ads right? How long do you think the ads has been live on my blog? It wasn't displaying for the passed 5 months ago, not until I recently overcome the final hurdles that get me stuck, and I was able to get back the power of my Adsense ads codes displaying live just as you can see right now, and its the core reasons behind the context of this article. So, relax and let me tell you a brief story.

As a passionate blogger, I found it necessity to cut my own share of the internet cake by monetizing my blog using Google AdSense among other applied instruments. I consistently studied Google AdSense Approval principle to ensure that my blog – Okongeoge.com merited all that before stepping out to applying for my blog Google AdSense Account. 

Since I'm blogging on Google Blogger platform, I applied for the Google AdSense Acount Approval through the “Earning” tab of my Blogger dashboard, gotten the AdSense ads code embedded on my Blogger Template sidebar, and even generated the AdSense ads traffic code and got it pasted on the <head> section of my Blogger source code as was required, while waiting for AdSense to start displaying ads on the blank AdSense ads space appearing on my Blogger sidebar. 

After few weeks, I got a mail from Google AdSense – low and behold – Your Application is Disapproved. Wow, is it how it is? I repeated the process while asking related questions for guidelines. I got my Google AdSense Account approved on the third time application, which I posted on social media and friends celebrated with me. Since then, I started customizing my AdSense account and generating ads units which was fully displaying live on the integrated section of my blog. 

I’ve generated about $27 for like 2-3 months before I received a mail for Google AdSense requesting I should apply for AdSense account PIN verification and authenticity, and after a few period of time, my AdSense ads units stopped displaying not until I verify the account ownership through the mailed PIN by Google AdSense. 

I applied for the Google AdSense PIN using Ebonyi state of Nigeria as address but the PIN code didn't arrived. I later got a mail from AdSense warning me of the deadline verify my AdSense account and the penalty involved, though I could reapply either with the same or different address, which I did for the second time using Ikeja Lagos address but to no avail.

The third time (being the last time set by Google) I used Zone 6 Calabar address but still couldn’t still get it made me felt disappointed with Google AdSense and decided to post on social media that Google Adsense is a SCAM for not been able to get me my AdSense PIN on three conjugation times even with different addresses. 

After I took to social media, few of my friends who responded referred me to one “James Brown” with claims that he (James Brown) have an easy address to getting Google AdSense PIN verification code delivered right on time..

I knew I’ve already applied for the third time being the last time as well. I had to add “James Brown” after which I contacted him, he tried his little effort sending me his own address and promising me that I can still reapplied in-spite I’ve applied for third time. I couldn’t wait further, neither hoping on James Brown, but to seek the manual approach of filling the form and uploading government issued Personal Identification Number (PIN), and God so kind, I got the Google AdSense PIN verification manual proof of identity approval in less than 2 hours of submitting the form from Google AdSense Support.

Finally, that’s my brief Google AdSense account/PIN approval and verification but there’s more to that you need to know, ride on….

You may have applied for Google AdSense PIN verification code either once, twice and probably about to apply for the third time now simply to certified your AdSense account ownership and authenticity so as to continuously able to powered (display) your AdSense ads units live for targeted ads audience, earning you cool and steady online income with a minimum withdrawal of $100 threshold. 

I guess you understood that once you apply the third times for the AdSense PIN verification form, that remains the last mail PIN set to be issued by Google AdSense, and after you are unable to verify your PIN manually for 30 days, you’ll would be asked to kindly contact them (Adsense) in relation to your PIN for quick resolution?

You should know that after you applied for the third Google AdSense Account verification PIN, the “resubmit” tab will disappear, and you are left with “submit pin” and “cancel” tab, where beneath, you are required to fill a form and attach a digital image of a government issued ID card, bank state, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appeared in your account Adsense, and once you submitted the form and they received your email, they’ll respond to you within 2-3 days regarding your pin verification status.

Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval

Meanwhile, when you click “this form” link as appeared on the screenshot above, it will take your Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN) page where you’re required to enter your full name, contact email address, your Adsense publisher ID, and attachment of your government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account.

Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval1

Once you fill the form and uploaded one or more of your government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill (displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account), you have to click “submit”, and once that is down, an email will be sent to Google Adsense, and they would respond to you within 2-3 days regarding your PIN verification status. 

Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval2

In my own case, I was very lucky to received an email response from Google Adsense within 2 hours of filling the “Personal Identification Number” (PIN) form. Below is the screenshot of the email response I got from Google Adsense support, thanking me for sending proof of my identity and informing that my proof of identity fulfills the address verification requirement for AdSense.

Difficulty getting Google Adsense PIN verification approval3

Along the AdSense support response was that I may still see “payment hold notification” in my account, but I should be rest assured that my PIN has been verified, and the notification will disappear within 24 hours. As at time time, I checked my blog to see the nullified Adsense ads was live but none. I knew the ads live display was just in consensus with the 24 hours patient I was told to wait for the payment hold notification to disappear.

Within the PIN response I got from AdSense support was “now that you’ve verified your address, please ensure you’ve completed these additional steps to getting paid:”

1. Choose a form of payment

2. Check if your balance has reached the minimum payment threshold.

3. Review our payment timeline to learn when you will be paid.

Summarily, I had to wait for the 24 hours not mainly for the payment notification to disappeared, but to confirm my AdSense ads units displaying live ads on the respective integrated blog section. Unfortunately, there was none.

I had to immediately visit my Google Adsense dashboard to discovered I was compelled to get started with an "automatic smart ads" - see image below.

When I clicked "get started", I was taken to a next page displaying auto ads sample ( being a powerful way to control your ads), and I was required to tick the auto ads sample based on how I want them appeared on my blog. See image below.

Clicking on the "submit" button took me to a page -- "auto ads" and the generated snippet, and I was required to copy and paste it (auto ads code) within the <head> -- </head> section of my blog source code, and every page i want to show ads. Surely, here, "auto ads" replaces "page level ads."

Haven't don't as was directed, I proceeded to discovered that the Adsense code has started running live, initially then on PC, and subsequently on all mobile devices.

Finally, for you who found difficulty getting your Google Adsense PIN code delivered to your designated address, you can contact James Brown for easy PIN address delivery, provided you've not elapsed the 3 chances given for the application.

However, you can simply take the bold step to filling and submitting the manual proof of identity form options that most required either of your "government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill (displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account).

I believed, just as it was very easy for me at the dying minute of Adsense PIN approval through proof of identity, so shall it be easy for you too, by getting response from Google, thanking you for sending your proof of identity and letting you know that your proof of identity fulfills verification required for Adsense.


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