Google multiple accounts with one Gmail

multiple google account with gmail
Google mail is the first step to having anything to do with Google Multiple Accounts, other than just having Google free access (Google search) to search for information on the World Wide Web. 

When it comes to Google as the first and most used internet age liberation tools for maxmanship, with Google Mail, we have it all on the web because "Gmail" controls all other Google Accounts

By just creating a dedicated Gmail account with your unified email address (eg: and strong memorable (not compulsory but must be saved) and case sensitive password, you can then have access to various Google’s multiple accounts by either creating or swishing from one Google account to others with one Gmail Address and phone number without happens to create and manage another gmail or multiple Google accounts separately.
There are more you can do with your email (Gmail) other than just to stick (limiting) to only sending of information, documents, images, videos, or files. Google specifically granted sign in access to multiple accounts at once with one email address and password. 

If you want to have more than one Google Account which stated with Gmail Address and password, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once, by simply switching between accounts without signing out or using different Gmail Address and password.
Starting with your Gmail and other Google special or multiple accounts are with separate settings, but in most cases, settings from your default account is what applied, which brings about switching access to multiple Google Accounts at once.
multiple google account email

There are many of Google’s multiple accounts you can connect and manage at on one place with just your unified Google Mail (Gmail); such special accounts includes Gmail, YouTube, Google play, AdSense, Google map, Google Ads, Google drive, Google photos, Blogger, Picasa, Calendar, Doc Editor, Google+, Hangouts, Pixel books, Task, Play console, AdMob, reCAPTCHA, etc. 
For complete list of Google Accounts (products and services) you can link or switch just with your Gmail, covering Consumer, Business, and Developer, you can check
Perhaps, while Google offer different types of accounts to different types of users, people like us who are internet frisks chooses to leverage it all. However, until recently, Google categorically subjected all their accounts into two primary types of accounts that were completely separate services, and these are subjected into personal account and organizational account. 
· Google Accounts (personal) – Provide access to all Google products and services, such as Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, and Web History.
· Google App (organizational) – Issued by and used with your organization, and provide access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, sites, groups and videos.
In-spite email (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc) the gateway to online accessibility, exploration with personal or business unified accounts, many are yet to discover the important of email.
Other than Google mail, Yahoo mail is also first step to exploring other yahoo products and services. Same is applicable to Hotmail – Bind. Google dominate the internet because its most used products and services of the internet age, and that’s why Gmail is superior to every other emails like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc and the organizational emails like “”.

In Nigeria statistically, I can bet you that only one person out of 10 that have an active email address, and Gmail specifically. What about you reading this article? Do you have an active email address (account)? Is it Gmail? I’m quite sure that those reading context online are those prone to having an active email and exploring them.

Summarily, while Google allow multiple Gmail accounts sign In for multiple purposes and that can all be linked or switched from dedicated Gmail address and password, one thing to be aware of is that Gmail accounts that are not access regularly can be closed after extension period of inactivity. 

Moreover, creating and using multiple Gmail accounts with same or different passwords could breeds chances for problems that may lead to a situation where you get locked out, and possibly loosing the account name forever after a brief recovery period for an account had passed. Secondly, using Google multiple sign-in, you must be able to determine the default account.

If you must have two Gmail account link on your phone or computer as a great way to juggle between multiple Google accounts for multiple purposes, the key is to take appropriate security measure of the both accounts so you don’t get things complicated with multiple logins, since one Gmail account could be used to link all other Google special or multiple accounts..

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