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Are you one of the smart individual, driven with the passion of becoming a business person but just simply don’t know how and where to start? Or, maybe you’ve been in the business for years without any reasonable improvement, hence, came to realize that what get you all these while won’t get you the desired results, and you admit that you won’t want to take it all by yourself anymore? If that sound to be true, then, you are not alone.

 Maybe you’ve heard or maybe you’ve not that the business of the 21st century is a business of online. Wouldn’t it be so nice if you could unleash your various inherent powers within you to live the dream lifestyle you always wanted and get paid hugely to make the whole lot of difference you want in your life?

To be coached entails having someone (consultant specialist) inline of your business to provide you with a different set of knowledge, skills and perspective about the essential part of business successes, that enables you to set and keep to commitment, be challenged in thinking, personally improved and developed in handling your business affairs appropriately later. So, relax and let’s key into your current business and turn it into a thriving online business that gives you the time and money to live the very dream lifestyle.

You’re not alone, I can be of help.

I’m Okon George, a founder of Geokotech Enterprises. I’m a successful corporate employee and a multi-passionate online business guru. I’m a motivational speaker, a blogger and a core savvy entrepreneur with a monthly figures incomes earning. 

I’ve been into the business of online since 2010. I’ve gone through several internet marketing trials and errors, get screwed and warn out, failed severally and had a lot of sleepless night; but were always willing and learning new things. Hence, I finally got the code cracked and grew into maturity with a level of huge confidence. That’s why I offer coaching and mentor-ship services so you could learn from my mistakes, and avoid the time, stress and the energy of getting stuck, going about learning it yourself.

I love working online, making new friends, building relationship through business alliance and making money right from my home. I practically coach online newbie; work at home based clients, small business startups and entrepreneurs on how to eliminate the bottleneck in their businesses by accelerated growth, success and sustainable profits. 

If you are truly serious about making money from home, and also serious about providing your time and dedication, you can reach out to me.  As a business coach, I will personally key into your business and identify together with you “what’s works and what’s not of your business” by providing immediate solutions that prioritize your effort on increasing revenue, while reducing time spend to running your business.

Problems with seeking coaching and mentoring services

The problems stirring people away from seeking a qualified coaching and mentoring services and be success at where they need improving, is the problem of self-limiting ideas, where people shy away, feel embarrassed and inferior about reaching out to any competent business coach and mentor. 

Accepting a stage of ignorance rather than pretending is the first steps in acquisition of knowledge. It certain that when you break through your limited thinking by actually seeking for a help, you begin to create the level of success and fulfillment in your business and profession, that ordinarily, would have kept you stuck, for years,  in your old way of thinking or limiting belief.

This coaching program is right for you if you are an online business beginner, small business owner, freelancer, aspiring entrepreneur; internet or network marketer who want to advance his or her business impact, by increasing business knowledge which would thereby accelerate your business growth and offer you a sustainable profits, through investing in yourself, your venture, by commitment to reach you business goals.

Even gurus get coached and mentored

In this business, I didn’t grow up to this level on my own. Most of my top coaches and mentors were Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Brunson and Stone Evans.  Even the best in the industry today was once coached and mentored by someone else. Trying to do it all on your own takes you long, wasted of time, money, energy and at best produces mediocre success. 

In this coaching program, I will take you by hands and teach you how to create a profitable online business that has to do with what you love and know best; by creating, marketing and selling your products and services with the right sale words that create a powerful client acquisition and retention, breeds growths and higher profits, and as well, setting of such a critical areas of your business like setting up sales funnel, systematization and a credible personal branding that encompasses all.

I assured you huge level of confidence

With coaching and mentoring services, you can feel well relax with the confident knowing you have a qualified and experienced resources person who can, and is always ready to help you take your business to the next level by zeroing in on the key areas of your business that can have the greatest impact in achieving your business plan goals. We’ll ensure a practical action plan, education and tools that improve employee and customer satisfaction, and achieve a stable momentum in your business.

Whether you’re just a starter, a solopreneur, intermediate networker, a nonprofit, franchisee etc, the question is, are you willing and ready to invest the money, desire and the commitment to get the outcomes you want to see in your business? If you are ready to challenge yourself and take immediate ACTION to achieve your greatest business success, I will get you there. Simply let me know, using contact me page.

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