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Believe it or not, is one of the fastest growing How To, Make Money Online, Cryptocurrency and Blogging platforms here in Nigeria, and the world at large. We started barely on March 2016, and we’ve grown in content marketing, traffic stat and brand awareness.

Our marketing platform would help you thrive your business to a desired and expected end when you form a business advertising alliance with us to reach the most of your targeted audience, prospective customers for maximizing profit, with your viable information, products and services.

In our advertising platform, we are fully prepared to offer two major forms of advertising services to our clients, webmasters and advertisers. We offer sponsored posts and banner advertising services among other services like website building and coaching and mentorship that helps startups, webmaster, business companies and savvy entrepreneurs get the most out of their online businesses.

1.     Banner Advertising: Banner advertising is an online advertising. It works well by integrating an advertisement like banner or logo into an advertiser’s website, with intent to attract and redirect visitors who clicks on advertisement to site.

Our banner advert role specifically ensure a strategic placement of advertiser’s hyperlinked banners and logos for increasing reader’s views, CTR and redirection of visitors to advertiser’s site or landing page.

At, we have a large range of banner spaces for strategic placement and display of your ads for attraction of high rate of impression with guaranteed click through rate. Our Blog Template is the best of it kind, that’s well responsive, user friendly, easy to navigate and suitable for increasing user experience, call to action and conversion.

2.     Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts are promoted posts that are paid to displays on a publisher’s website or blog. Sponsored posts can be written by the advertisers or the site owners. The best way is for the advertiser to write his or her sponsored articles because; the advertiser is the one who best knows the information, products and services.

For the sake of optimizing content for search engine, we can help the advertisers by re-editing content with the right On-page SEO and better keyword placement for increasing organic search volume, CTR, lesser targeted audience and  prospective customers.

In accordance with FTC regulation, all sponsored posts should, or would be in-scripted with a signature, usually at the end of the post with a byline such as:

“This post was sponsored by (Brand Name Here).”

Note: Even if we are not bound to disclose that we’ve been paid to publish a post, we ensue to always mention authors behind posts for the sake of trust and authenticity as most important factor for retention of blog readership.

Our specified niche categories.

Our content marketing is majorly segmented into:

How To
Blogging Tips
Blog Traffic
Internet Marketing
Online Business
Make Money Online
Webmaster Tool
Sale Tips
Social Media Tips

Therefore, it will make more sense if your adverts are in-line with the state of our content, for easy natural flow of niche content with reader’s satisfaction.

Banner pixel seize ad-banner campaigns keeps it easy for all, and ease you the higher competitive advert pricing rate, so you could join and compete with the list of advertisers of products and services, taking advantage of our fastest growing platform. We provide the following pixel image seize for adverts:

1.  1000X300 – Header Homepage.
2.  728X90 – Leader board.
3.  300X250 – Medium Rectangle.
4.  300X600 – Tall Rectangle.
5.  160X600 – Wide Skyscraper.

To make everything simple, easy and fun, we give you the right of choosing where to place your banner advert among the above mentioned pixel seize and location, unlike other webmasters that charges you differently high per pixel seize.

Ads Duration.

All sponsored and Banner adverts remain live on site for a period of 1 year, after which the advert or sponsored post would have to renew it advert term for the period of next fiscal year.

For each month, order than generating hits from our unique daily visitors, we ensure you a massive share of all sponsored post and banner advert on social media and social bookmarking platforms to best deliver out-most exposure and CTR to the advertisers.


We’ve made our pricing for both banner advert and sponsored posts as low and least cost effective as possible for even a startup to be able to participate in showcasing their information, products and services to our large range of audiences and the world at large.

1.     Sponsored post: For you to publish a promoted content such as text article, press release, video content and any other kind of sponsored post, you will have to pay the sum of N 5,000 lasting for 356 days, after which you would have to renew your advert term.

2.     Banner Advertising: Our banner advertising will cost you the sum of N 2,500 for the period of 365 days, after which you would have to renew the advert term. You have the right to choose exactly where to embed your advertisement for best exposure and click through rate, as your satisfaction is our main concern.

For more of inquiry or to kick start your ads campaign, simply contact the CEO using the Contact page

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