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Welcome! You stumble here by no mistake. This is okongeorge.com, a digital wealth and empowerment platform; where people learn and make money online.

In our guest writer's page, we are particularly interested in guest bloggers. We needed guest writers not that we’ve come short of what to write about, neither limited of blog content ideas, but because we want to offer you an opportunity to showcase your ideas, potentials, and lurking talents by giving one or more best of your shot on our blog.

What is guest posting?

Guest post simply mean writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

Why should you write for us?

Writing for us isn’t a big deal because; we do not compel anyone to write for us. Writing for us however, helps both of us as a win-win situation. And, if I must say, you have so much to gain compare to us.

To be at the profitable side you must understand your goal for guest blogging, which is the KEY to determining if you’re to write for us, and what kind of articles you’re to submit to us.

Becoming our guest writer will position you as an authority in your field and popularize you as a well known person in your niche industry. It would get you the exposure and build you traffic and back-links to your website or blog. 

It is allow you to enter our already established community when shared your articles that interest our readers, and get you connected with them, whom as a result, help you build relationship even with other guest bloggers through quality niche related shared content.

It is a great way to increase your horizon and to get your name shine out. It is a key strategy for every blogger that want to build online influence.

What must you do to get started?

You are closer than getting started but here’s a few of our requirements. We only collect niche related articles in such areas as Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Blogging Tutorials, and Finance that covers general How To's

For you to start guest posting on our platform, you have to contact us so we can add you as one of our authors. When you've contact us to guest post on our acceptable niche of interest, we’ll simply register you as one of our author. It is at this time you can access to see our blog listed in your blog dashboard, where you now have access to publish a post to our blog.

Should in case you are external guest blogger from self hosted or other CMS like Wordpress Tumblr, Weebly etc, the fact remains that by default, there's no how you can have access to Blogger or Blogspot dashboard to guest post directly from the dashboard. So, what you do is to submit your articles to us in .doc for immediate review and publication.

We've also came up with a solution to accrediting our external guest authors as a congratulation for a job well done, by integrating external guest blogger profile widget for our external bloggers bio's or signatures.

Therefore, for popularity, traffic, and back-link sake, ensure your signature - name, website url, and phone number are also included in the attached articles submitted to us as external guest blogger.

As of internal guest bloggers (guest bloggers from the same platform like Blogger or Blogspot), when added you as an author for guest posting after you've contacted us, you have nothing to worry then because our already integrated widget for internal guest blogger automatically stamp your profile details blow each of your blog post.

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