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 Yes, maybe you know me or not, or maybe you’ll like to see me in person, I’m an employee of NPF, 32PMF. I base in Abakaliki in south-east region of Nigeria. I got a cushy office where I run my brick and mortar business and company, dealing in sales of electronics, tablets PC, laptops, wears and kids etc.

 I also run one-on-one coaching and mentor-ship programs, consulting services and speaking gigs in make money online, lead generation, free traffic secret, sales skyrocketing, home business, internet marketing success etc and seminars. 

Therefore, it would be possible and my pleasure if you contact me for any application, question, inquiry, suggestion, feedback or complaint using the following details:

NPF. 32PMF. EBS (first)
Uga road, GRA. A.I - EBS. (second)

Postal code: 480241 NG.

Phone number: +2347035476162

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