Post Affiliate Pro
- a powerful affiliate management system that allows you to:
- easy set up and maintain your own affiliate program
- pay your affiliates per lead per click per sale or %commission.
- multi-tier commissions: up to 10 tiers
- get more traffic for you website without additional costs
- increase sales
- already used by more than thousand merchants worldwide
Post Affiliate Pro offers you a vast spectrum of features and PRICE / FEATURES RATIO IS THE BEST you can find.
You also get FREE INSTALLATION, lifetime upgrades and fast and helpful support.

Post Affiliate Pro is compatible with nearly all merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts and membership systems.
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Make Money Affiliate

In our affiliate program unlike other affiliate program that centers on level of referring partners and earning commissions, we only list out proven and tested top notch affiliate programs believing to help you practically learn and earn money online. 

If truly you want to start making money online mostly as a learner, beginner or intermediary, affiliate marketing is an inevitable platform for you in a sense that you don’t need the whole lots of time in learning how to design a website, get tons of traffics, write a converting sales copies, fix up auto responder, generate qualified prospect etc.

All you do and commonly needs is your unique merchant products links, and each time you referred members that make any purchase of the merchant products, you earned agreed commissions. Some even pay as much as 100% commissions.

In our existing affiliate platform, you’ll not only generate commissions for paying referrers, but would learn with their pre written power tips, tools and aids. For example, learning from SFI alone can take off your whole wasted period of time trying to figure out one single key to your online marketing success in a matter of months, compare to other top paying affiliate programs I’ll like you to partner.

Some offers free affiliate program and some are premium affiliate programs. To really money online, you get to use money to make more and substantial money online. Yes, you can make money online free if you know your onions well, but the whole core and empirical concepts of making money online is that “it takes money to make more and consistent money online”.

The concept of making money online is indifference from the concept of bricks and mortar businesses. Take for example, you go to the open market, before you think of making money online which (that making is within the profit gain and satisfaction derived) economically, there must be demand for a product and supply for the products.

The differences between the demand and supply are what determine the level of profit gain from the said transaction and the satisfaction derived from the goods or services rendered. So, there must be practically goods and services in exchange for profits and satisfaction in any transaction.

 In terms of online business or affiliate marketing business for example, if I most convey the vital information in my possession I know too well could change your whole look, you’ll get to pay me. It could be a products or services.

And most importantly, this is the era we are, the Info Marketing age. For example, you’re losing hair and you look like 60 years of age when actually, you are just 28, and by information at my disposal, there could be simple tricks against anti-aging fighting you, where you stand a chance of gaining back your good, tender, lovely and sexy look you’ve been missing all these while. Maybe you’ve spent huge bucks of cash but to no avail. Why won’t you gladly willing to pay me let say $7, $10, $19, $27, $47 or even $67 as case maybe, in receiving a guided and transforming information as solution to your problems?

So, this is one of the way how the money is being made either as an affiliate.
Now, below are the most and personal recommended top notch web portals, offering proven, tested and sure ways to make money online as an affiliate.
                                                                                                         Strong Future International (SFI)

Join the simplest and mostly recommended way to learn internet/network marketing and earn unlimited residual and leverage income
SFI provides real internet income. It is easy, secured and fun.

Stake Your Claim To The Motherload. Stick It Rich!

ü  Monthly Bonus Pool.
ü  Unlimited Membership Profit Sharing.
ü  Fast Earning 2x2 Cyclers.
ü  Revenue Shares.
ü  Generous Referral Commissions.
ü  Multiple Steam of Income.
ü  Effective Targeted Advertising.
ü  Guaranteed Prospectors to Your Site.

                                                                  Revshare Advertising

Connecting Advertisers With Customers Intelligently.

Pure Revshare Advertising
Earn 150% On Maturity.
Ad Pack Cost $10
Over 7,000 Advert Credit.
Daily Earner Plan
Fast Withdraw
Cloud Flare

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