Welcome to okongeorge.com, a digital wealth and empowerment platform, where you you learn and make money online. We offers a contemporary and complementary approach you could leverage to make more and consistent money online, generate sales, generate qualified leads, massive traffics and general network marketing successes. 

Our products is at all time one in a million. This I do because, it's my main concern to give you red-hot-in-demand-info-gems, as provided in format such as ebooks,videos, audios, seminars, scripts, softwares, e-courses etc.

The reason behind okongeorge.com is a results of strong mental attitude and endless passion I personally had for Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and general make money online success (be it full time or supplementary income stream). 

The aim was to shun poverty and attain financial freedom with ease. In my mission to acquire new skills, show case my inherent plus lurking talent, gain more knowledge and experience, was all toward helping more and more people in quest of attaining online financial education and freedom too.

So, I know how hard it may seem when it comes to Making Money Online most especially as a start out. 

It obvious so many people till now doubt the possibilities of people earning enormous money online to even quit their jobs, sack their own bosses to have the time, money and freedom, living a life of their terms. However, it’s empirically proven and there’s nothing you could change about that, rather than being left behind the internet marketing skills, knowledge and applications they could cleave on to leverage more especially at this computerized or internet driving age

The fact remains that the world has shifted from the analogue/industrialization age into digital/computerized economy and are more and more data driven online. 
The high time you get your personal thinking right with the great trend the better for you. Affiliate marketing maybe the future jobs.

I was in a same shoe like most of them anyway. So, I know what it's like. The only difference is that I never doubted the make money online belief and orientation I found within the internet and from my up-lines. 

I know how anxious and overwhelming I often was, and how stressed out, broke, failed and disappointed I do experience at those trying moment until a point when I discovered the one key principles of earning streams of income online legitimately and consistently.

From learning the various Internet Marketing Mistakes to avoid which include why about 90% people failed in their Internet or Network Marketing Businesses to discovering the natty gritty of Network Marketing Successes - stated the sole aim of this existing web portal and its products and service, while aligning the WFC in creating, marketing, and selling information products.

I actually run eighteen years plus (18+) businesses, though, age is actually not a barrier in dealing with my business more especially at this present age of mobile internet, where you could be in the cave, bedroom, office, or anywhere only with your device and the internet connecting all part of the world and large range of your targeted audience with your goods and services; because we look into building a successful youths, growing viable and resilience savvy online business entrepreneurs, that would empower them to no longer wait and relied on the government or parent to solve their individual lives problems and requirements. 

We could through our individual talents, potentials, acquired skills furnished brain, add more meaning to our lives, economy and that of others by simply giving back. We could creatively convert our different hobbies and ideas into wealth or streams of income. 

The idea of go to school, have good grade, acquire a secured job is outdated and term -  rat race dangling justice course of seeking job security, instead of financial freedom. 

In the work of my guided mentor - Cash Flow Quadrant reveals the four kinds of people in the open market economy; why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financial secured than others. 

He lavished why E (employees) was the least privileged, followed by S (savers or small business owners), and why one should become I (an investor); and more of that leverage the supreme B (Business system/empire). He has been my strong hold and my limelight when I choose to build a business system as an entrepreneur right from inception.

The huge opportunity and potentials abound. The back bone of our economy would be breeding young savvy entrepreneur as the way of truly building successful company, which is in WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question of the customers. 

However, helping more and more people to make real money and maximize their potential is super cool and very rewarding. The residual income is cool. For example, If you take on a simple idea that worked to make even a small amount of money online and duplicated it again and again, wouldn't you come away with a viable long term business that could make you thousands of dollars online every month?

I believe in a win-win situation. I know that long-term business relationship can’t be forged on the basis of win/lose thinking. I want to make a good deal for myself and my company, but I want you involved very prospering as well.

Like I told you, I base in Abakaliki, in south-east region of Nigeria.  I'm a savvy Importer and have my cushy office where I run my brick and mortar business and company. I basically deal on sales of electronics, tablet PC, laptops, wears, accessory etc; though, I'm thinking on large scaling my offline business horizon to compete with the biggest brand out there and attain financial freedom.

As the CEO of GeokoTech Enterprises, I provide a platform for creating, marketing and selling information products. 
I also run one-on-one coaching and mentor-ship program, consulting services, seminars, and speak gigs.

I'm a blogger, social media expert, motivational speaker and an intermediary network marketer. 

Here are brief of what people says about my services.

Contact me today for any of my business hot products and services, if in-case you're having some difficulties or bottlenecks in your business, and I will personally takes you by hands, and key into the most critical segment of your business, and does, proffer solid solutions so you could confidently build and achieve the desire growth and sustainable profits in your business.

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