Good day! My name is Okon George. Maybe you’ve heard of me or maybe you’ve not, and you could be considering “who the heck is Okon George”, “where has he been” and “where the heck is he coming from”? Yes, it’s normal to think so and if you must know me, don’t worry then as I’m about telling you all you need to know about me. 

I was born in 19th December 1982. I’m from Oron by tribe in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. I grew up in a poor family background that as the only child of my parent, it was a BIG struggled to pay for my JSS and SSCE entrance fees respective. My parent were illiterates. My father was sluggard in all his ways, and only mum was hard working and responsible. 

I had managed to sat and wrote for my WAEC/SSCE in a year 2001. There was no money to further my education, and each time my mum sent me for an errant, I refused in that I wanted to further my education into the university. I personally hustled and grabbed some cash went on to purchased an admission form at college of art and science – Ikot-Osurua in Akwa Ibom State, but there was no money to fasilitate the admission processes. My mum knew I had passion for education and sometime, she sat down and would be crying on who will help her and her only child. 

On severally, I felt sorry for my mum; I felt sorry for my dad too who was down  pessimistically; I also felt sorry for myself because, there was no one to reckon on. When I looked around me, extended families, and having seen the kind of lives we were living, I wanted to make a great and positive changes. I often asked myself, “will I grow up to live this kind of poor and low level life my parent were living”? My answer was always no, and that was why I had a strong driven forces driving my life

Since there was no money, the only acceptable solution was for me to join The Nigeria Police Force on condition that there is an option in the NPF, where I can be working and schooling as well. I was by all means convinced to join the Police. 

In January 2002, I obtained the Nigeria police recruitment form; processed, and we sat for the exam the same month. Imagine, only 200 candidates was required in Akwa Ibom State but over 3000 sat for the exam, and that made the whole thing tedious that “you write for the exam let say this year, and you'll have to wait for 1 or 2 years for your name to come out on board or radio". But luckily, in November that same year, I was called upon among the successful candidate enlisted as the Nigeria  police recruit constable through the effort of my aunt mrs Ikwo Inwang, who was the Deputy Superintendent of police then, which I went for training at P. T. S Nonwa Tai in the same November 2002.

After successful training, we did our passing out parade POP in June 2003. I was posted to Ebonyi State, which thereafter, I was posted to work at the Area command police hqt. Onueke in July 2003. I immediately started working as a police officer. Now, I'm a police officer, I had to sit down and looked at myself, my family, where I came from and where I was aiming to go in life. 

I took hold of the bid financial opportunity of #8,500.00 earned from my salary within 3 months and enrolled that same year into Ebonyi state university - part time program (EBSU/ WASP/2003/4627). Fortunately, I was given an admission as there will be no time to tell you what I passed through from school fees to handout, up keep, food and helping my parent. 

After all odd, by God special grace, I got the five years (Bsc Econs) in year 2010 while still serving the government. The fact is my financial life was pretty difficult at that time till 2011 when I decided to mobilize into Police Mobile Force (PMF)

However, I was optimistic and always searching for ways to achieve true financial freedom. To this effect, I laid hands on several motivational and inspirational books. The best of this kind was “Rich dad poor dad", “rich dad guide to financial investing” and “cash flow quadrant”, all written by Robert T. Kiyosaki.  Even as an Economic student, most of the concept of these books about real wealth creation and financial freedom are not taught in schools. 

These books among others, was my eyes opener, to understanding the 3 kinds of Business System which include, Traditional C-type corporation, where you develop your own system; Franchises, where you buy an existing system; and Network Marketing, where you buy into and become part of the existing system. 

These books unveiled why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financially secured than others who work more, earn less, pay more in taxes, and live poor and often broke. While explaining ‘internet marketing, Robert went on to explained that ordinary people were getting on the Internet and starting small businesses that made big money from the comfort of their own homes using nothing more than a personal computer and an Internet connection. 

I was intrigued by this idea. Just the thought of being able to make a living using nothing more than a laptop and the Internet sent chills down my spine. I got started immediately in a year 2011 precisely.

Meanwhile, I had also read of a book title ‘dotcomology’ compiled be Stone Evans; the need for multiple stream of income story that changed his life. My curiosity aroused more than I could control on how I could double or triple my earning streams, and came to understand that one job, one investment, and one business wasn’t enough. 

If you are only relying on one stream of income, you are setting yourself up to be broke one day and the fact is that 85% of the world’s population grows old and dies financially broke. That’s because most people do not have multiple streams of income. However, I was always watching, reading, opting-in, buying eBooks and having sleepless night trying to figure out how I could make real money online an attain financial freedom easily. 

I'd joined numerous “Get Rich Here” opportunities only to be disappointed. I've spent thousands of dollars in search of the “One Key” that would finally turned my financial journey into a profitable business venture until when I stumbled at Strong Future International SFI  through pluginprofitsite. I learned a lot from SFI; being the best site I ever signed up online, not that I made the desired income, but for their accumulative and qualitative content, tips, aids and power tools they made provisioned, actually boasted my online financial intellectual within a very shot while. 

On the process of climbing further my online success journey, I created a simple wapka mobi web portal with my phone to promote few affiliate links of merchant products. I was not satisfied, so I started blogging at gokon7homebiz.wordpress.com

I wanted a real dot come website because wordpress and blogger were not granting Nigerians access, neither include them in dot come payment gateways. 

I remembered owning a single page website cashtrap.info at #6,000.00, but I was scammed by the builder I wouldn’t want to mention his name. The guy was charging me #1,500 every month for hosting. I couldn’t meet up, and he had to shut down the website within 6 months and my hard earned money gone.

So, I had literally “Been There and Done That” with just about every Internet opportunity available, and I was not always only ever going to be dependent on some ‘guru’s system, some ‘charismatic’ salesman’s promise. No one showed me ‘how’ to take control of my own success, my own business aspirations until now. 

I learned the hard way and came in contact with series of trials and errors, I had several sleepless nights and got stressed and burned out. My wife would asked me “what kind of business are doing that you no more have time for sleep”? “Do you want to kill yourself”? “You better quit; be yourself and stop spending your time, money and energy and on browsing and surfing”. I’d looked at my wife and smiled because, I knew where my passion lies, and I also found joy doing what I was doing. 

So, I wasn’t complaining. But sometime, I looked disappointed as human when my efforts seemed like I was not making much impact, and sometimes felt like quitting. It was my endless desire and earnest passion I had for this business and little ideas I was gaining each day gave me the hope and the unwavering drives that someday, I will surely have my way, breaking through. 

 I also read about most successful Internet Marketers success stories, their past failures and challenges. I could not give up on my mental altitude, motivation and my optimism was what both led me through. I had a certain hard time and made certain number of mistakes at the process of moving from point A [making no money online] to Point B [making more money online].

I was leaning on Internet and Network Marketing business with the gradually accumulated knowledge, ideas and personal research, till I finally identified and came up with a niche marketing of my own. Thanks to God I finally cracked the code and started making about $700 a month, before I went on paying someone to build my MLM business which was launched in 7th January 2013, being our existing membership site offering a complementary ways to make more money online. 

Since then, I have been building my online business system as an employee. I now import hot products from all part of the world, through my importation businesses secret. I’ve touched and changed so many lives positively, and paid over $600 in commissions to geokonnet affiliate’s members of our existing free and premium membership site. We offer a platform where you could list your products for sales, affiliate and referrers program, e store, free directory, e commerce association, income pro etc.

So, I'm pretty sure I've found all the ways to fail, and now I've found the way to succeed. Through this report, if you believe in me and my brief business profile, and also believe in my online business knowledge, I will show you the simple standardize contemporary approaches to make real internet money a success. I mean, I will take you by hand and show you how you can make more and more money, using only your laptop or phone to leverage the internet in your favor. I also want to tell you that I'm not going to guarantee you anything. I don't know you or your situation, your skills or your talents. What might work for me, may not work for you. But however, info marketing business is simple. Simple?Yes. Easy?No. It does require right mindset and work.

That’s the brief you could know about me as your friend, the Okon George you hear about, know or meet today. 


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